Thursday, 14 December 2017

Matrix calculation in fx 991MS casio for Engineering students

Matrix calculation in fx 991ms casio

This topic is very important for all Engineering & diploma students.matrix calculation in fx 991ms casio.Matrix calculation includes different operations.i.e,

  1. Matrix Addition

  2. Matrix Substraction

  3. Matrix Multiplication

  4. Obtaining Determinant of a Matrix

  5. Transpose of Matrix

We are going to discuss about above topics.

Creating a Matrix :matrix calculation in fx 991ms casio

Matrix Addition ,Substraction & Multiplication:



An error occurs if you try to add ,substract matrices whose dimensions are different from each other or multiplying a matrix whose number of columns is different from that of the matrix by which you are multiplying it.

Finding Matrix Determinant:

You can use the below procedure to determine the determinant of matrix.

Note:The above procedure results in an error if a non square matrix is specified.

Finding Transpose of a Matrix :


You can use the below procedure to determine the transpose of a matrix.


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