Saturday, 10 March 2018

How can I score good marks in Andhra University semester exams

There are various levels at which you can try to improve your marks.

at time of writing the actual exam :The evaluation of answer scripts is done very quickly. Evaluating 30 papers in an hour is quite common. This means on an average your answer script gets maximum of 2 minutes, sometimes one or one-and-a-half minute. All the stuff you write on the 36 sheets of the answer booklet comes down to those 1-2 minutes of evaluation. You need to be smart enough to understand the psyche of the evaluator in those circumstances. 

No one has the time nor the interest to read your script word by word. You may have studied 10 hours a day the whole semester but the evaluator does not know you. He knows nothing about you. If you studied well, you need to tell the evaluator that in an intelligent way through your presentation. If you studied averagely, you need to hide that fact in an intelligent way through your presentation. 

If you did not study well, this answer cannot help you. Assuming you prepared reasonably well, these are some things you can do in your answer scripts.The pattern usually is answer 5 out of 8 questions. The first 2 questions need to be your best. Choose the questions which you can answer best. 

Never attempt questions in serial order. There is no rule on that. Be smart in choosing the first two questions you attempt. 

The evaluator reads in some depth only the first two answers. This forms an impression whether the student has stuff or not. It is in these two questions you need to show you have not restricted to the prescribed textbooks and that you have referred other books as well. Write the best you can in these first two questionsFor most courses, the first question is 2 marks bit questions totalling 7 bits. 

They are taken from one bit from each unit. Usually the syallabus for most subjects is split into 7–8 units and from each unit, a bit question is asked. Never attempt the bit questions first unless you know all the bits. The idea behind this question is to find out whether students have covered all units or left some units.

 It is normal for students to skip some units. 5 out of 8 choice easily allows to leave 2–3 units and still attempt 5 questions. It is a common strategy. But such a strategy will affect the bit questions since unless you studied all units, you cannot attempt all bit questions. 

That is why never attempt bit questions unless you know all of them. If you cannot answer some bit questions, the evaluator understands that you did not study all units. He thus makes inference that the student is not studious. 

That impression carries to next questions and he just glances over the answers even if you wrote them well. Therefore, if you cannot answer all bit questions, don’t attempt it first. Answer those questions which you can present wellDraw diagrams wherever possible. 

They should be neat and well labelled. What you write below the diagrams is not very relevant. This is a good area to expand the answer and fill pages. Always expand whatever you write below a diagram. It is usually skipped overNeat handwriting is extremely important. 

The Professors are typically old-timers who like neat presentation and neat hand-writing. I usually write very slowly and neatly for first two questions and from then on pick up speed of writingYou are given answer sheets at first before the question papers. 

Use that 5 minutes time to draw border around the pages. Take a pencil with you and draw small border,maybe half-a-centimeter wide on all four sides of the answer paper. It is part of a good presentation


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